Busy in the Kitchen

Today was a busy cooking day. I decided that I was going to make bread and two different spaghetti sauces from scratch. What fun!! I love to cook and have fun in the kitchen. As I was sauteing the base for the sauce I was grateful that God created smells and food. It smelled so fragrant! It made me feel like the people on tv that say, “ahh, that smells so good!” and to think I actually made it! Tonight we will find out if the fresh tomato sauce is any good. I couldn’t wait to taste the bread. It smelled way too good and there is nothing like fresh warm bread! Later this week, I will be making Tagliatella alla Bolognese and Lasagne alla Bolognese with the Bolognese sauce (basically a meat sauce with pancetta, pork and beef). To make these dishes I am also going to try and make my own pasta… we will see how that goes!!

Let me know what you think!

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